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St. Charles Lwanga Technical Institute – Butende – Advance with Technology


To be a centre of excellence in technical/business education and vocational training in Masaka Diocese and beyond.  




To develop the human capacity through technical skills and promotion of moral and spiritual values for the benefit of those trained, their families, and the country at large 


We train you to become a practical technician/craftsman for the present day Uganda

Message from the Principal

St Charles Lwanga Technical Institute Butende (BTI) is a private church founded institution of the Masaka Catholic Diocese, registered by Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) and a member of Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI). It was established in the 1982 after the 1979-80 war in Uganda, many families in Masaka Diocese were left homeless hence many children became orphans and needy! The leadership of Masaka Diocese thought it wise to start up a skills/vocational training school. It is located 110 Kms south of the Uganda capital Kampala in Masaka District. Students enrolled are from low/average income families and vulnerable communities especially youths.

The school currently offers both Technical and Business courses at National Certificate and National Diploma levels, these include; Building Construction, Woodwork Technology, Fashion & Design, Plumbing & Metalwork, Automotive mechanics, Electrical systems & Maintenance, Secretarial & Office Management, Accountancy & Finance, Business Management. All students are equipped with Basic IT skills. Our students are assessed and awarded by a National Examining body – Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB). We also offer Short and Non-formal training for those who don’t have Ordinary level, they are assessed by Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT).

Join us. It will only take a minute.



The Institute offers a number of certificate and diploma programmes that skills majority of the students who join the institute for employability in the current Ugandan economic status. A number of business and technical programs are offered including the following listed below:


Diploma in Accountancy

Diploma in Secretarial & Office Administration


Certificate in Building Construction

Certificate in Automotive Mechanics

Certificate in Electrical Systems & Maintenance

Certificate in Wood Technology

Certificate in Plumbing

Certificate in Fashion & Garment Design

Certificate in Secretarial & Office Management

Certificate in Accountancy and Finance


With the widespread range of activities the institute undertakes, have a glimpse of our pictorial.

Our Administrative team

Meet the top leadership of the institute comprising of a strong force of men and women who lead other members in administration

Rev Fr. Kaganda Kizito Musaale


He has served as the Director of the Institute since 2008 

Mr. Mawanda Achilles


He has served as the Principal of the Institute since 2010 

Mr. Matovu Frank Sales

Deputy Principal

He has served as the Deputy Principal of the Institute since 2008 

Mr. Ddungu Martin Kyolaba

Academic Registrar

He has served as the Registrar of the Institute since 2008 

What our Alumni say

A few of the Institute’s Alumni have this to say about their alma mater

It was a belief that being a technician you are an academic failure and you have no future. But now days even people with distinctions are technicians. Take a leaf back in 2020 to date when covid 19 was the talk of the day. People with their skills were the only ones with what to do and other people lost jobs being job seekers.

They also thought that a girl child can never do other courses except fashion and design but now days female students are doing courses that were called “for men”. That is plumbing, building construction, electrical installation, motor vehicle and performing well. In conclusion being a job creator is better than being a job seeker.

Ampeire Judith
NCPL instructor

Am glad yet to write in yet our second magazine of our dearest motherland. Am hereby delighted to introduce to you the best leading in Uganda East Africa. Here there is civilization, high level of discipline among students and society at large.

You may all wonder why would write with calm, the fact is that it’s a catholic standard school but amazingly all students from different religions fit as one.

For the welfare as a former leader, I would like to assure you it’s the leading institution around Masaka, when you think of sports, the institute has got you on this.

Yiga Arafat
guild speaker 2019/2020

Self-identification of one’s abilities, weaknesses or strengths applies in all aspects of life or opportunity based on a personal realistic assessment of oneself. Otherwise one can do the wrong thing all his life. BTI has stood by her principles even in the face of the ever challenging education situations to nurture the children of the nation to becoming self reliable citizens in different fields.

This has been done and still being done by helping students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and how they can use them to face the world and liberate their communities. As of now, it is easy to see the wisdom of the founder, but remember the year was 1982 when BTI “the mighty institute” was born.

Lubowa William
former student







Latest news

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